Every Day This Rejected Poodle Takes A Trip That’ll Leave You In Tears.

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Although she has never received any formal training as a therapy dog, Nala is a black teacup poodle who knows how to provide lots of love and affection for the residents at Lyngblomsten, a nursing home in Minnesota. Her owner, Doug Dawson, is a trained medications assistant there, and the pair arrive each morning prepared for duty.

The tiny pooch takes the elevator alone to visit her friends, both employees and participants alike, and navigates around the four-story property like a pro. The funny thing is that she had been set to do therapy work at another nursing home, where Dawson was previously employed. Things didn't work out -- she was considered "whiny and neurotic" -- so they let him keep her. Looking at her now, you would've never guessed!

According to Dawson, Nala is there for a purpose and is "doing God's work." He believes that she knows how to seek out those who are sick and gives them company.

Watch the video below to see this furry bearer of joy in action:

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