The Best 20 Inventions You’ve Never Heard Of But Will Definitely Want.


A tile and an app that helps you find your keys or items with the tile

The future is now. As we race light years forward in technology, one may think the best innovation or the shinning light of creativity are reserved for high priced items like cars, computers, tablets or toys. However, it seems cutting edge design and high-end gadgetry is within our reach.

It also seems the coolest inventions are those that perfectly marry technology with practicality. In the series of photos below, some inventions are deceptively simple we may think, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Other creations push the limits of convention and tradition and go so far as to improve the lives of people in impoverished nations. Take for instance the Eliodomestico a solar distiller, designed to produced fresh drinkable water without the use of filters and electricity. Creations like these are necessary as they will save lives and ensure the most disadvantaged people are not left behind as we race into the future.


Compression apparel allows for better posture and alignment


A 360 degree electrical outlet


The smallest wireless ear buds

Sunglasses for your dogs

Measuring environmental data allows to monitor health of plants


Solar distiller brings clean water to impoverished areas


Digital measuring cup


Aerodynamic umbrella withstands100km/h winds


Laser guided scissors for perfectly lined cutting

A morbid watch that counts down your life


Magnetic light switch cover

Solar panel backpack charges mobile devices

Scan photos without a computer

SCiO is a small sensor that reads food nutrients

Unsubscribing to junk mail lists with an app


Receive discounts on products and services when you do not use your mobile while driving


The No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

Virtual keyboard on any flat surface

Smart water valve that shuts off when the temperature drops below zero

It will be interesting to see what’s in store within the realm of technology tomorrow.