20 Ways To Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving… #7 Is A Real Game Changer.

Drink LOTS of water, as it'll help fill you up (and has zero calories).

Thanksgiving means family getting together. Family getting together means family party. Family party means food! We all know what time of the year it is, the time to get your loose pants on. Some people look forward to it and some people dread it. Regardless of which person you are, most of the time you end up overeating. To eat a grand turkey-filled meal once every year and feel guilty for an entire month after – that’s the norm. But it’s time to break the norm.

We’ve researched and collected a few tips to help everyone avoid overeating during this year’s Thanksgiving. I mean sure the food in front of you may look just too tempting to resist but just think of all that guilt that you’ll feel after. Use these tips to have a guilt-free holiday.