24 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life EVERY Thanksgiving.


When you were basically dragged to Thanksgiving.

When first mentioning Thanksgiving, people envision a time of family coming together and giving thanks during a grand feast together. People envision a happy time but such a picture perfect scene only exists in movies. Every family has that one annoying relative nobody likes but invites anyways out of guilt. Every family has that one alcoholic who loves to get sloppy and make a scene at every party they attend. Everyone’s family is unique but at the same time we can all relate to how dysfunctional family gatherings can be sometimes. Just below, we’ve collected a few gifs that pretty much sum up how Thanksgiving really is. #13 is super relevant.

When one unwanted guest comes right after another.

When it's that time of the year to bring out your loose pants.

Those rare occasions where you actually feel guilty for the turkey.

When you finally get to host and you realize how expensive it actually is to create a grand feast for the family.

When you were having a beautiful Thanksgiving but someone wants to pick a fight.

When it's not time to eat yet and the food is tempting you.

When you're fed up in the kitchen.

When you're ready to eat everything in sight.

When the annoying karaoke-loving relative has arrived.

When it's FINALLY time to eat.

When your family-tolerance level has completely depleted.

When someone takes the last turkey leg.

When you acknowledge the godliness of your Thanksgiving feast.

When relatives enter your personal space.

When you try to gobble as much as you can when nobody's looking.

Thanksgiving, a time when everyone comes together.

When your grandma has finally found her way to the alcohol.

And you've had enough of her.

When you're fighting to stay away from the chair once you're full from all the food you just ate.

When you just need that immediate exit plan.

When you and your child hood relatives get together and become the family rascals for the night.

When you overhear a relative talking about you behind your back.

When everyone's finally let loose and getting in the holiday spirit.