33 Bad Luck Superstitions From Around The World.

If you ever visit Hungary don't do this or you might upset some people.

You've probably heard your mother tell you not to go swimming after eating on more than one occasion. Or maybe you've been told to avoid crossing paths with black cats, walking under ladders, or that bad news comes in threes. These are all popular old wives' tales in the United States. People pass around superstitions for a number of reasons, but the main reason is fear. Keep reading so you can find out about superstitions from around the world and put an end to some of these silly, outdated beliefs.

Never make a toast with beer. Apparently, the Austrians used to cheer with beer when they celebrated their victory over Hungary. The Hungarians pledged to observe "no cheers with beers" for 150 years, but to this day many Hungarians still don't clink beers.