Tiny Girl Plays ‘Back To The Future’ Theme On The Loudest Organ You’ll Ever Hear.

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The classic, soaring Back To The Future score, famously composed by Alan Silvestri, is one of the most instantly recognizable film scores out there. If you were a fan of the film, you simply can't listen to it without having a bit of nostalgia for the first time you saw Michael J. Fox and those badass self-tying sneakers.

Silvestri composed and performed it with an entire orchestra, but as it turns out, you don't need all of those bells, whistles, and strings to play this iconic score: All you need is an adorable little girl and one massive keyboard.

Here, she tackles all of ensemble pieces', resulting in one epic keyboard performance that seems like it should be well beyond her years. Check out the video below and let this little prodigy take you back to the future -- only this time, there's far fewer instruments (and far more white tutu) involved.

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