Meet Louis, The Permanently Annoyed Kitty.

A six-year-old Persian cat named Louis has already accrued a major online following on Instagram.

Whenever the internet wanted to express sadness or depression, they used the meme of a famous celebrity feline known as Grumpy Cat. But although the kitty looked grumpy all the time, netizens couldn’t stop laughing. Then, the laughter went away when Grumpy Cat passed away. But don’t feel too bad because another kitty named Louis seems to have stepped up to the plate and he’ll give you something to smile about. Don’t believe us? Ask his approximate 4,000 Instagram followers. But can he eventually become as big of a hit as the OG Grumpy Cat?

Louis resides in Austin, Texas, with his human family and he’s always looking royally peeved. This might explain why he’s being called the new Grumpy Cat by his 4,000 Instagram followers. But he’s got big paws to fill.