Therapy Donkey Helps A Mute Girl To Speak Again, And It’s Beautiful.

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A friend of Amber's mother mentioned The Donkey Sanctuary to her and told her about how the donkeys were used as therapy for special needs children.

Going through a tough time in life is hard to endure alone. Sometimes all it takes is one companion (the right one) to make it all better.

Amber Austwick was born with her twin prematurely. Unfortunately for Amber, she was born a special case — unable to breathe while she was in the womb. To fix the problem, doctors had to perform an emergency tracheostomy when she was born. In order to allow air into her windpipe they installed a pipe that would ultimately cut off airflow in her vocal chords making her completely mute.

Just like others who've needed that one companion to help them survive, Amber also needed that one special someone to help her get through this difficult time in her life. That's where Shocks the donkey comes in.

Amber's Donkey