10 Things Your Dog Wants You To Stop Doing.

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Dogs need training, otherwise your household could turn into total and utter chaos.

Are you annoying your dog without even noticing it? Maybe giving them a tight hug after work is too suffocating for them, or perhaps, they hate how fast you walk when you’re out for a stroll. We love spending time with our pups, and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to try to make them happy. But would you go as far as to change these 10 annoying little habits that make dogs want to cut ties with us? You might have to! Apparently, there are tons of things we do that dogs don’t actually like.

Setting up rules and boundaries is a great way to show love. Without them, pets could turn into wild animals, roaming around the house looking for things to chew on or bite. That's why it's so important to build a positive bond with your dog so that he learns how to communicate and socialize with others. Make sure your pup understands what commands like "stay," "wait," "no," and "sit," mean.

Marcus Wallis