Three Of Nature’s Most Ferocious Killers Made Into Pets By A Drug Dealer, But You Gotta See The Ending!

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3 fierce animals

A ferocious 350-pound Bengal tiger, a 700-pound American black bear, and 500-pound African lion are face to face. How did this happen?

The three animals were confiscated from a drug dealer’s home during a raid in Atlanta. They were 2-month-old cubs when they were found neglected and in poor health. Baloo the bear required surgery to have his harness removed, but he is fine and lives happily with his two best friends, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger.

Can you feel the love?

Baloo and Shere Khan when they were younger and smaller.


What an unusual threesome!

Shere Khan and Leo playing.

Thanks to Noah’s Ark Sanctuary, the three of them can live happily together in their home in Locust, Georgia.

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Noah’s Ark is a non-profit organization that provides care for over 1,000 domestic and exotic wildlife all on donations. What an awesome charity! I wonder how much it costs to feed all those animals. Share this with your friends, maybe one of them feels generous today.

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