Unwanted Puppy Was Thrown From A Moving Car, But Look What He’s Doing Now.

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Buddy, an adorable canine, witnessed the vicious side of humans.

Cruelty has become the prominent face of humanity in today’s world. Be it humans, animals, or nature, people seem to value nothing but their own lives and it is unbelievable how merciless they can be in their actions.

Certain human beings consider themselves to be superior to all other living beings. But in reality, the ones who enforce their power on a defenseless animal are nothing but cowards. They don’t realize that everyone including animals deserve a happy life.

Some people can go to insane lengths to harm little helpless animals. Just ask a canine named Buddy, who had a close encounter with death. Only heartless people could do such a horrible thing to such a sweet pup.

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The fluffy object being pushed out of the car wasn't a plushy but an actual dog.

One day, a stranger noticed someone trying to push something big and fluffy out of his speeding vehicle. But soon he realized that the big fluffy thing was in fact an actual living dog. Unfortunately, he realized this too late. He witnessed the person throwing the dog out of the window of his moving car.

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Can you imagine it? A man’s best friend was being dumped like a piece of trash.

It must have been a horrific sight to see a living being treated like trash. Dogs are known as "man’s best friend" and deserve love, care and happiness. But in reality, they sometimes get the worst treatment that anybody can even imagine and this frightening incident is proof of that.

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A life is a life, whether it’s a human or an animal.

There are humans who have the audacity to think that they can treat animals any way they see fit. Animals are equally worthy of living a happy life and those who cannot understand this should be punished for their wrongdoings. The same goes for the people who threw Buddy out of their moving car. If they didn’t want the canine to live with them anymore, they could have left him at an animal shelter or put him up for adoption. But instead they dumped him like a piece of garbage.

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Despite such an unfortunate day, Buddy had a lot of luck.

Buddy survived the initial push from the car window. He was lucky enough to avoid getting hit by any other vehicles on the road. Fortunately, the other drivers who witnessed the inhumane act, were forced to swerve their vehicles out of the way to avoid hitting the pup.

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Buddy may have been ditched by his own family, but he was quickly comforted by a complete stranger.

It was nothing less than a miracle that the canine made it through the day. The possibility of him surviving was very little considering the traffic, the speed of the vehicles, and the force with which he was pushed. Buddy was abandoned by his own family but he found comfort and refuge in the arms of a complete stranger.

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Was he a stranger or a savior for the helpless canine?

The stranger quickly got out of his car and took the little canine into his arms and brought him to an animal hospital. After this incident, Buddy was expected to be wary and fearful of humans as he had obvious reasons to be. But after six weeks, the defenseless pup made an amazing recovery that left everyone speechless.

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One look at Buddy now and no one would be able to tell that he was the same dog who was thrown out of a moving car.

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