Here’s What Your Thumb Reveals About Your Personality.


Thumbs: We've all got 'em.

Of all the body parts that we regularly nourish and take care of, the thumb is probably one of the last on our minds -- second only to, say, the big toe or the earlobe. It's there, it's useful, and it's a huge part of our day, but our thumbs aren't exactly vital life organs, or even beauty symbols that we must maintain. However, don't dismiss your thumbs so easily -- there might be more to them then you think.

Below, we look a the two different types of thumbs and examine what, if anything, they say about your personality. The long and short of it is that your thumb either bends or it doesn't, and depending on what kind of thumb you have, you might be a certain kind of person.

Skeptical? We were too. But take a look at the thumb personality outlines below, and just see if yours fits. You might be surprised to see how accurate it is.

But what most people don't know is that in addition to giving a killer thumbs up, our thumbs can determine our personality.

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So which kind of thumb do you have?

Prepared to be educated on a topic you never knew you always wanted to know, because this is pretty thumb-believable.

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First, let's talk about the overall structure of your hand.

The bones on top of your fingers are called the phalanges, then there's the metacarpals and the carpals. Clearly, your thumb is the shortest of the bunch.

Some people have a straight thumb when they give a thumbs up.

There's no bend to the bones at all, and the thumb doesn't even slightly retract backwards over the knuckle.

This says something about your personality.

The straight thumb could mean that you're a more serious person than most. Though you don't show your excitability, it doesn't mean you're a downer.


In fact, you might just have something to hide.

This guy's straight thumb tells us that he might be thinking something but not saying it -- and his devilish face confirms that theory, in our expert thumb-pinions.

Remember this scene?

His thumb is as straight as they come, which totally fits the prescribed personality type: No nonsense, and rarely to give away a smile.

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Then there's those of us who have a crooked thumb.

Our thumbs bend backwards, sometimes quite far, so the phalange is basically perpendicular to the metacarpal.

This is also known as the "hitchhiker's thumb."

But what could the bend say about your personality?


The curved thumb indicates that you're more expressive than most.

You're lively and are likely to be the life of the party, entertaining people wherever you go.


Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

Having a curved thumb doesn't mean you can't be serious.


And luckily, curved and straight thumbs can peacefully coexist.

In fact, they tend to compliment one another.

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And no matter what type of thumb you're rocking, we're sure you're just great.

After all, when it comes down to it, we are more than just a couple of thumbs -- curved, straight, or otherwise. If life boiled down to simply that, it would be pretty thumb-fortunate.


But just for fun, which type do you have?

Are you the seriously straight-thumbed type, or the animated, curved, life of the thumb party? Check out those phalanges if your personality fits the mold.

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