Haunting Photos Of The Titanic Taken Moments After It Was FIRST Discovered.

Dr. Robert Ballard led the team that found the Titanic.

For 73 years after the night it sank, the Titanic sat at the bottom of the ocean. Many researchers and explorers tried to find it, but only one would be successful: His name is Dr. Robert Ballard, and he is responsible for finding the ship's final resting place.

As tragic as the story is, the tale of how Ballard and his team found the ship is absolutely fascinating -- and now that they have, it's brought up some differing opinions about what to do next. See the images from Ballard's discovery under the sea below.

He proposed using a live feed from 20,000 feet below the surface to see the shipwreck. He used an unmanned camera sled to do so.