Remember The Founder Of Myspace, Tom Anderson? Look What He's Doing Now.

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It seems like yesterday that Myspace founder Tom became our first friend on social media.

Remember a few years ago when your Myspace brought all the boys to the yard? Who could forget? What about Tom, your first Myspace friend? Well, it's been years and Myspace isn't the hit it once was, especially after Facebook became the leading social media outlet for millions around the world. But, if you're still one of those loyal users who still has a Myspace page, you're probably wondering what happened to Tom. Well, it turns out that he's handed over the reins of the social media site to someone else and moved on to bigger and better things, some of which, you won't believe.

For some of us, he was the only friend we had... period. But you might say that Tom could smell the scent of doom for his site, so in 2005, he decided to bail.