The Brutal Beauty Of This HUGE Tornado Will Delight And Terrify You.

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Over the weekend, massive storms ripped through areas of Texas, leaving devastation in their wake: People lost their homes, buildings were left with the roofs ripped off, and power outages spanned across cities during what would have otherwise been a normal post-Christmas weekend. And once you see this video, you'll realize just how powerful the storms actually were: This one even led to a tornado.

According to the uploader, this massive twister made it's way across I-30 in Rowlett, Texas, causing terrible explosions and power flashes along the way. As you can see from the footage, the storm showed no signs of slowing down or stopping (at least not for awhile, anyways). This is absolutely terrifying, and we're just glad the guys capturing the scene didn't get hurt.


Watch what happens when a tornado, wild fire, and tumbleweed collide.

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