Mom Tells Little Boy His Lost Toy Is On An Adventure… The Internet Makes It True.

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This is the original photo of the elephant with a blue bow. It is sorely missed by his human.

For a kid, a stuffed animal is more than just a toy. The soft plush is a companion and friend who shares many adventures with a child. And when the nights are long and scary, the soft dolly gives plenty of love and cuddles to make everything feel better.

One little boy lost his elephant stuffie and his parents could not console him. They told their son that the elephant was not actually lost but was busy going to different places. Their son was not really buying their story.

Reddit user kontankarite took to social media to ask strangers to help this little boy out when he posted “friend’s son lost his favourite toy. Parents said the elephant is travelling around the world. Would love to share images of his travels with the son.” It turns out the adorable plush is a globe trotter who is having the time of its life.