This Hilariously Simple Game On Transit Lets You Play ‘Pac-Man’ In Real-Life.

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What if you could play a fun augmented reality game, and not have to risk the privacy issues associated with Pokemon Go? It costs nothing to play, anyone can do it, and you don't even need your phone to do so -- it's all about getting back to basics, and as it turns out, it looks pretty fun, too.

The game comes from a guy in the Netherlands, who has titled it GVBeestje. There's not much to it, but after seeing the video, it looks like a cute way to occupy your brain without staring at your phone. Here is the English explanation from the site:

One sticker is added to the window of the tram. Another sticker, with

instructions, is placed in front of your seat. As the tram starts

heading forward, you can play the game by just moving your head up and

down. Eat as many pedestrians as possible by capturing their heads

into the creature’s mouth.

Sounds pretty cute, right? Check out some of Amsterdam's finest trying it out. It makes us want to put down our phones and create a GVBeestje of our own.

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