This Make-Up Artist Is So Good He Can Transform Himself Into ANYONE.

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Makeup and beauty are having their moment on social media. On Instagram alone, there are thousands of makeup artists and hobbyists, transforming their faces and posting selfies. Discussions about beauty products are endless, as well as technique: Did you know that you are know supposed to highlight, contour, and shadow your face? Not to mention the hours-long process of perfecting a cateye liner - with so much to do and replicate, makeuping can be overwhelming enough to make you want to throw in the towel - and the custom blended tinted primer.

However, for Paolo Ballesteros, makeup isn't a chore: It's a glorious challenge, meant to be conquered. Ballesteros is a 32-year old Filipino actor, model, and makeup artist, and claims that he can transform himself into any celebrity with the help of makeup and wigs. Some of these pictures are questionable (and that Elsa is just terrifying), but for the most part, what Ballesteros can do with a little facepaint is pretty impressive.