This Nifty Device Just DESTROYED Language Barriers FOREVER.

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The company won't reveal how they work, but promise that "translation technology" will allow two people of different fluencies to understand each other.

Move over, hilariously inaccurate translators of years past: There's a new piece of technology in town, and it could change everything.

They're called Pilot earphones, and they claim to let two people who speak different languages converse with each other in real time, translating along the way. The Pilot will translate between English, French, Spanish, and Italian, and it's an amazing prospect to consider.

With a gadget like this, traveling, international business, and language-learning could change forever. Learn more about these amazing earphones below.

Waverly Labs

The device might remind you of the Babel Fish from "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy," but instead of a fish, it's a simple set of earphones that anyone can buy and wear.


**See the translator in action in the video below.**

The company is going to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where people who want to be the first to try this new technology can pre-order the Pilot for between $129 and $179. What do you think? Could you use the Pilot in your own life?

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