A Jogger Found A Bighorn Sheep Trapped In The Forrest… His Next Move Was Risky.

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A man and his son were out jogging near their home in Konin, Poland, when they came across a strange sight. Upon closer look, they realized that a mouflon -- a type of wild sheep -- had one of its curling horns stuck in a tree.

The man, Krzysztof Włodarczyk, had to think fast, but it was difficult because the animal was already distressed as is. He approached the scene and grabbed hold of the tree, breaking it to try and give the animal a chance to free itself. Understandably, the sheep reacted defensively, but Włodarczyk continued working until the animal was free.

Włodarczyk told Polish news station TVN 24 that he considered the sheep like he would a neighbor, and just wanted to help.

Watch the footage captured by Wlordarczyk's son here:

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