Expectations Vs Reality Tourist Photos That’ll Make You Rethink Your Vacation.

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What you expect hiking Yosemite National Park looks like.

The world is filled with some of the most beautiful places - so beautiful that they become well known landmarks and tourist attractions. Usually the more aesthetically pleasing these places are, the more popular they are; the more visitors they have.

Have you ever visited a landmark for the first time and realized how incredibly hard it is to actually take a nice photo? We see all these breathtaking landscape photos of the places we'd love to travel to but how exactly were the photographers able to capture such serene moments?

The photographers either had to (A) arrive at the place super early or (B) stand in one spot for a very long time and wait for all the people to pass out of his/her shot.

We all have bucket list locations we'd love to travel to and visit one day. Such locations, however, are usually determined by the photos we see on the Internet. In reality, these locations are overpopulated with individuals who share the same wanderlust desires as you.