Woman Saves 110-Year-Old Dying Tree, Converting It Into Magical Library Stump.

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When city workers of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, broke the news to Sharalee Armitage Howard, she was completely heartbroken.

Kindles are a great gadget. They offer everything a book lover could possibly need, as it allows us to keep thousands of books in one place. But if you’re a major book nerd, then you know there’s nothing like holding a physical book in your hand and cozying up under a blanket as you get ready to immerse yourself in a different realm. But no one has a greater appreciation for books than non-profit organization, Little Free Library, who wanted to preserve a huge 110-year-old tree from Sharalee Armitage Howard’s front yard.

Being a librarian, artist, and former bookbinder, Sharalee had a special connection to books. The city workers were planning on removing an impressive 110-year-old tree from her front yard, but she wasn’t about to stay put and watch as they chopped away such a majestic tree.