25 DIY Reasons Not To Throw Out Your Old T-Shirt.

T-Shirt Headbands

For most ladies, it seems like every time a new season falls upon us gives us a new excuse to go shopping for new clothes. It's normal to ignore all the perfectly fine clothes you already have in your closet and go buy new ones. It's a never ending cycle that's really hard to break.

It's not that we need new clothes (because we don't), it's more of the desire to have new and different clothes to wear. But obtaining new clothes for your wardrobe doesn't necessarily mean you have to purchase them.

Instead of ignoring those old t-shirts you no longer have any use for hanging around in the back of your closet, why not try transforming them into something you'd actually want to wear.

Check out some of the t-shirt DIY projects below that are perfect for the summer.

If you have a t-shirt that you no longer care for but love the color of, try turning it into a headband! It'll be great hair accessories for the season.