This Airport Terminal Is A Time Capsule From The 1960’s. The Photo Are Achingly Glamorous.

Lori Walters heard that the iconic terminal was going to be redeveloped into a hotel, so she took it upon herself to go there and photograph it one last time.

Flying in 2015 might feel like taking a trip through the seventh circle of hell - the one that's 30,000 feet in the air - but it wasn't always that way. Before the days of tiny airline seats, questionable food, and overcrowded terminals, airports and flying were a thing of glamour.

Not everyone could fly, and if you could, it mean that you were in for a luxurious travel experience. John F. Kennedy Airport's TWA Flight Center is the last remaining view of what it was like to travel in the sixties, when taking airplanes was a huge event. The building was designed in 1962, and has been preserved as a time capsule. Now, on the precipice of it's redevelopment, one photographer wanted to preserve this time capsule forever.