Look How Insanely Different These Biracial Twins Are At 18 Years Old.

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Biracial Babies

When most moms become pregnant for the first time, they're overwhelmed with curiosity of what gender their baby is. They know the possibility of having twins is there, but it's never really something they prepare themselves for. That's why it's always a surprise to discover such news. But can you imagine the shock of finding out your twin babies look nothing like each other?

When biracial couples have fraternal twins, there is a chance the babies will come out with a few physical differences. The chances of the twins looking like extreme opposites, however, are slim but still very much exist.

Kids who are conceived by an interracial couple are extremely unique. They're born from a mixture of various genes and ethnic backgrounds that ultimately give them unique physical features that make them stand out from others.

Biracial twins take it to another level. When a mixed couple is expecting a pair of twins, all bets are off the table -- especially when they're fraternal. And although it doesn't happen all the time, it is very much possible for each twin to come out in two completely different skin tones.