25 Times Uber Drivers Surprised Their Clients.


This is the type of Uber driver every Uber customer needs.

Uber has become increasingly popular over recent years. It's an app that basically works the same as a taxi service. Unlike taxis, customers can order and schedule a ride directly from their smartphones.

But because just about anyone can become an Uber driver and just about anyone can request an Uber ride, you never know what to expect. Sometimes you'll be one of the more fortunate and step into an Uber with a pupper companion or a selection of video games to chose from. Other surprises are unfortunately not as pleasant.

She has everything you might need last minute and then some! A perfect example of someone who is prepared.


An Uber driver in the Philippines.

At first glance, this doesn't look any special until you get to number two and realize the driver is offering free ALCOHOL. Love how it's nonchalantly mentioned along with tissues and sanitizer.


Just your typical Uber ride in Virginia.

This is probably the only time it's viable to drive that thing. But will the driver even break even for the gas price of that car?


This Uber driver said "watch this" before drifting and crashing into a post.

The unfortunate passengers had to walk 2 miles home afterwards in the rain. Goes to show that drifting in a Corolla is never a good idea.


Uber clients aren't the only ones who get surprised, sometimes Uber drivers do too.

This driver posted this photo onto Facebook with the caption: "I love uber because you never know who will jump in the car." I'd probably be terrified if I saw this person getting into my car.


If you ever order an Uber in Manhattan, there's a good chance this guy will show up.

Not sure if that's the best automobile to get around in Manhattan in but hey, a ride's a ride. And it's too late to cancel now!


An Uber client forgot her purse in an Uber on New Years Eve.

She was able to successfully retrieve her purse the following day but found a few interesting photos on her phone that were not there before. How would you react to seeing these pics?


Wouldn't expect anything less from Dubai.

Getting picked up in an Uber Mclaren from your hotel? This is beyond next level of bougie.


The back of the driver's seat in an Uber.

This is what faces the client while he or she is sitting in the back of the car. LOL. "Hah! Don't worry. I only use that when I'm murderin'."


Now THIS is an Uber driver who means serious business.

Only dedicated drivers would go through the time and effort to install this into their car purely for their passengers! This man deserves 6 stars!


An Uber driver that provides TV entertainment AND a phone?

Drivers like these make average Uber drivers look so bad. But maybe it's time for all of them to step it up!


An Uber driver that knows how to make his customers happy.

Wouldn't be surprised if some of the clients ask the driver to keep driving around the block until they finish beating a dungeon.


So any car can really be an Uber car, huh?

Apparently, the back doors are still locked from the inside. But who cares about that, you should be more worried about how clean the back seat is.


Watch out Uber human drivers!

A self-driving Uber has been spotted in San Francisco! But honestly, how many people would willingly step into one of these things to get to their destination? What if there's a malfunction?!


An Uber in Houston during the hurricane.

This is brilliant for a time of need. Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise.


One of the more unpleasant surprises an Uber customer has experienced.

Drivers should always try their best to avoid situations like this. But if there's nothing to do to prevent it, the least they can do is throw the container out before the next passenger gets picked up.


Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you: UBER MAX.

Now before you get excited at the chances of riding this bad boy, keep in mind it was probably just used as promotion at a convention of some sort.


This Uber driver in Memphis has a fish tank inside his car.

You must admit, the inside of this car is lowkey stylin. Maybe this Uber driver gets lonely and needs his fish companion to help make the rides more bearable.


This Uber driver let his grandkids decorate the car for Halloween.

If this isn't the sweetest thing... I'd automatically give 5 stars and a generous tip for this ride!


Your Uber has arrived.

Not sure if this vehicle meets Uber's standards but I'll definitely pay to get a ride in this baby! Take me down the block or 10 miles out, I'm down regardless.


The coolest yet deadliest Uber ride in town.

So when you ride in this car, do you ride in a coffin? Or has the driver installed actual seats into the back of the car? I'm so intrigued now, I need to know the answers.


An Uber driver that drives with a magnifying glass.

He uses the magnifying glass to read the GPS... That doesn't sound like a safe Uber to ride in. Get out before an accident happens!


The type of Uber surprise that would brighten up anyone's day.

I wouldn't let the Uber driver drop me off. I would demand to be driven around all day to hang out with this pup.


Now this is some serious automobile interior design!

A cloud with lighting, a fireplace AND a moon? Although it does look incredibly cool, just how much of the street can the driver actually see?


The last thing you expect to see inside an Uber.

A ceiling full of glow in the dark stickers! This is the type of service that would put a smile on anyone's face.