She Hasn’t Been Born Yet... And She’s Already Leaving Her Parents Speechless.

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This couple visited their ob-gyn to obtain a routine sonogram of their daughter, hoping to catch a glimpse of their little one. They couldn't have predicted what happened next - it's just insane.


That's right: They caught their unborn daughter actually playing inside her mom's womb!

Though it's pretty surprising to see, it's actually quite common. Babies inside their mother's womb do a lot of funny, unusual things. In fact, they can suck their thumbs, sneeze, dream, and can even be startled or surprised by noises that they hear coming from outside, or by mom's sudden movements.

Of course, they can also play, which is what you saw in the video. According to most physicians, a baby playing and kicking inside the womb is a good sign - it means the baby is happy, healthy, and thriving!

Have you ever seen a sonogram video as crazy as this?

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