A Pony Dressed Up As A Unicorn… Which Led To The Funniest 911 Call Ever.

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911 dispatchers in California received calls from motorists reporting seeing a unicorn on the loose. Juliette, a white pony with a fake horn on its head took off from a photoshoot in Madera Ranchos. The pony led the highway patrol on a more than three-hour chase that included the use of a helicopter and thermal imaging to capture her.

Hiding in an orchard, Juliette looked like a mythical vision for people driving by. One of the neighbors used her own horse to lure the animal back to her family, specially to five-year-old Tatum Boos.

Juliette was sore from the five-mile run but luckily made it out without any injuries. The Boos knew it was a fairy tale ending when the radio dispatched announced the “unicorn is in custody.” Although Tatum is happy to have Juliette back, she does admit the pony had to face the consequences of running away.

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