17 Inspiring People Who Replaced Their Bad Habits With Good Ones.

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If you saw the photo on the right, you'd think that it was impossible for this woman to have three kids.

Anyone who has ever struggled with weight issues will tell you that there's an underlying cause, and no, it's not always what people assume. You might jump to conclusions that people got this way because they couldn't put their forks down. But there are other vices or states of mind that led these people to gain a lot of weight. Some of them have struggled with depression, while others have started families and have found that getting rid of the baby weight wasn't that easy. Some folks have even resorted to substance abuse like alcohol and drugs. But along the way, these people decided that it was time to make a change, so after getting rid of their bad habits, these people underwent a jaw-dropping transformation that will leave you speechless.

This woman took the photo on the left the day she started a fitness challenge at her job. Using moderate exercising, weight lifting, and going on a ketogenic diet, this mom managed to drop from 203 pounds to 133 pounds in just five months.

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