17 Inspiring People Who Replaced Their Bad Habits With Good Ones.


If you saw the photo on the right, you'd think that it was impossible for this woman to have three kids.

Anyone who has ever struggled with weight issues will tell you that there's an underlying cause, and no, it's not always what people assume. You might jump to conclusions that people got this way because they couldn't put their forks down. But there are other vices or states of mind that led these people to gain a lot of weight. Some of them have struggled with depression, while others have started families and have found that getting rid of the baby weight wasn't that easy. Some folks have even resorted to substance abuse like alcohol and drugs. But along the way, these people decided that it was time to make a change, so after getting rid of their bad habits, these people underwent a jaw-dropping transformation that will leave you speechless.

This woman took the photo on the left the day she started a fitness challenge at her job. Using moderate exercising, weight lifting, and going on a ketogenic diet, this mom managed to drop from 203 pounds to 133 pounds in just five months.

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Losing weight is never easy, but with a little dedication you can turn yourself into a new person.

She managed to get her waistline back after going from 300 to 150 lbs. Now she wears dresses that show off her hourglass figure and she's all smiles about her new healthy lifestyle. But can you blame her? She looks absolutely fabulous!

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When you decide to lose weight, the transformation won't happen with a snap of your fingers.

This warrior has lost over 170 pounds, and although her transformation is incredible, she admits she's got a long way to go. But progress is progress, no matter how big or how small. One thing that hasn't changed in her "before and after" pictures is her amazing smile.

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The hardest thing about weight loss is setting a weight goal and learning to know when to stop.

This girl lost 150 pounds in 15 months and got her jawline back. Now she weighs a mere 159 pounds and doctors have told her that she's healthy, so she's committed to maintaining her current weight rather than losing any more pounds.

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When you lose weight, it feels as though you're losing a huge part of yourself in the process.

She dropped 100 pounds in a single year. But even before she started losing weight, there was a bit of a rebel in her. She used to wear plugs on her ears and that hasn't changed. Of course, now these earrings go perfect with her biker look.

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Discipline and patience are very important when you're losing weight, but then again, so is consistency.

This beautiful blonde spent 4 years yo-yo-ing with her weight, but with the help of the CICO diet and a bit of discipline, she lost 75 pounds. She used to weigh 250 pounds in the photo shown on the left. Now she's enjoying a slimmer look.

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When you decide to lose weight, you'll find that it's a lot easier when you have some inspiration.

Ten2sweep used to weigh 313 pounds. But when his son started losing weight in April 2015, he decided to do the same. His son weighed 333 pounds but eventually dropped to 225. Meanwhile, dear old dad dropped to 208, and now father and son are reaping the benefits of being healthy.

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Looking after your mental health is important in order to maintain a healthy physical body.

This man checked himself into an outpatient rehab facility after an accidental overdose and a few problems with the law. After twelve months, three of which he spent being alcohol and drug-free, he dropped from 260 to 190 pounds.

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The best ingredient you can add to your diet is lots of love, just like this amazing couple did.

Her man went on a keto diet, and she decided to do the same. They remained on the diet for a year, which helped him to lose 70 pounds. He went down from 297 to 227 pounds. Meanwhile, she went down from 236 to 180 pounds. That's 56 pounds that she dropped. The two also exercise at the gym.

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This father of three had hit a few snags in his life, which caused him to stop caring about himself.

This dad was lost for a long time. He was depressed and spent a lot of time on the couch. But in January 2016, he decided to go to the gym and take better care of himself. In the process of two years, he lost 84 pounds and now weighs 203 pounds. Way to go, dad!

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Imagine looking in the mirror one day and deciding that you wanted to make a change to your waist.

For this gal, dieting and exercising was not a "waist" of time. She wanted to burn off over a foot from her waist, and as you can tell, she definitely accomplished that. Now she can't seem to stop taking selfies.

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When you look at the before and after photo of this guy, you realize he kicked butt at the gym.

This man used a high protein low carb diet and used a trainer to help him work out 3 times a week. In just 16 months, he lost 141 pounds. But of course, he'd like to lose another 15 pounds to get to his ideal weight.

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This woman proved she was a real trooper while losing weight and dealing with a health issue.

The lovely blonde managed to go from 340 pounds to 170 pounds. That's a weight loss of 170 pounds. Isn't that amazing? And she achieved this in 2 years. But even as she works out to reach her target weight, which is only 20 lbs away, she cries because she has to undergo endometriosis removal surgery. What's life without a battle? We're sure she's ready to face anything that gets thrown her way.

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You'll actually find that losing weight can also make you look a lot younger than your original self.

He stopped drinking alcohol for 666 days. He also gave up smoking too. To fight the cravings, he ran 1,450 miles with his new dieting lifestyle. This allowed him to lose 100 pounds, and now he's looking a lot younger than before.

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Turning 30 isn't quite so bad when you let go of the things that hurt you, and you embrace happiness.

This woman drank a lot in her twenties. She also suffered from depression. But now that she's in her thirties, she's feeling healthy after losing 74 pounds. Going from 200 to 126 pounds would put a smile on anyone's face, and now she's feeling like her 30s will be amazing.

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Losing over a hundred pounds in a short amount of time isn't always about dieting and exercising.

Nullok shared the story of his friend, Fie Friedrichsen, who spent two years working on losing 150 pounds. Of course, she also needed some surgery on her skin, which had been left stretched out. Today, she's looking fabulous.

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