Are You One Of These People With Your Cell Phone?


One can argue the many benefits of owning a cellphone. You have instant connection to almost anyone, anywhere on the planet, realtime access to information at one’s fingertips. Answers are available to virtually any question we can think of as they relate to our daily lives: Where is the most popular restaurant in my city? What new movies are playing? Is the weather nice enough to hang out outside? Nonetheless, when we finally walk into that trendy hotspot, pick our seats at the theatre to watch the next big Hollywood blockbuster or step outside to enjoy the sunshine, we rarely savour these moments as we’re still attached to our cellphones. It has become the norm for people of all ages and walks of life to be literally attached to their mobile devices. The most essential elements of human interaction, whether it be simple eye contact, a smile or small talk are being lost. London-based photographer Babycakes Romero is tackling the world that technology has created in a series of photos he took in his city. The interesting thing is, these photos can be a metaphor for any city or neighbourhood around the globe. Take a look at his pictures below, and start a conversation with someone about it. Find more of Babycakes Romero’s work at [](

Waiting for the day when texting at dinner is socially unacceptable.

Please look up before crossing the street.

Technology has provided a distraction from the work ahead.

So close to a physical human connection, yet so far away.

This is not how a date should go.

Why don’t you tell each other what you bought instead of texting it to someone else?

No time to enjoy the human touch.

Physically touching but not much else.

So much going on around them, yet completely lost to them.

Remember when interesting anecdotes occurred during the daily commute?

Looks like a break from a photo shoot, but they do not look relaxed.

Let’s put away our cell phones and pay attention to each other.

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