The Weirdest Homes Ever Built Are So Awesome You’ll Never Go Back To Suburbia Again.

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The Snail House in Sofia, Bulgaria.

There are plenty of magnificent homes in this world, but there are only a few of them that could be classified as odd, bizarre, or even inexplicable. Across the globe, there are homes that don't really look like homes at all, but rather, the result of some creative architect's fever dream - and we are totally into it.

Below are 30 of the most unusual homes from around the world, and a little bit of the history behind their creation. Check them out and start considering your next home: Could you see yourself setting up shop in #23?

The construction of this house happened at a snail's pace: It took over 10 years to complete. It's made from concrete that is four times lighter than water, and it is extremely energy efficient.

Robert Holbach