18 Unique People Whose Looks Will Take Your Breath Away.

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This man was born with anisocoria, which means one of his pupils functions normally and the other one is always in a fixed position.

The most amazing thing about humans is that none of us are the same. Every single one of us is unique, and here at Lifebuzz, we think that that's really incredible! Some people, though, stand out more than others. Some people are born with a face full of freckles. Others are born with extra fingers or toes. Whatever it is that makes you different, embrace it. Because the things that make you different than everyone else, are the most beautiful things about you. Keep reading to see people that were born just a bit different and they're all the more beautiful because of it.

Some people wear contacts to make their eyes look like this, but his do it naturally. That's pretty cool!

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