12 Creative Ways To Reuse And Restyle Your Old Clothes… I’m Trying #7 Today.


Make a little kid happy.

One of the saddest things that can happen in our wardrobe is when our absolute favorite item of clothing loses its pizzaz and needs to meet its end at the bottom of the garbage can or be used to mop the floor. We tend to either throw out that beloved item and go shopping hoping to strike gold and find the same article of clothing or perhaps an updated version that inspires us once again.

However, one can give the old apparel a new lease on life by changing its look and sometimes purpose entirely.

Upcycling clothing is a creative way of repurposing clothing. It is also relatively easy; one does not need to be a sewing master to create new looks. Here are some very interesting ways to re-create your wardrobe and save some cash while doing it.

Take the back pocket of old jeans and start adding embellishments to make it in to a mini purse. This is a great gift for a child to play with.