Must-See Video Of Artist’s Astonishingly Detailed Drawing Of NYC… By 1:08 I Was Speechless.

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Time-lapse videos are basically the coolest, whether they be capturing the sky as it changes from day to night, or the weather as it changes from winter to spring. Time-lapse videos are also great for capturing the natural progression of artists' work, such as this video from artist Patrick Vale.

In December 2014, the London-based Vale spent several weeks drawing an illustration of the New York City skyline, as viewed from the top of Rockefeller Center. He used ink and pen to do it, and he also recorded every single second of himself creating the drawing.

The final illustration is titled Colossus, and it's actually a triptych of three huge sheets of paper. After the drawing was complete, he turned the sheets of paper into larger wallpaper using a scanner. You can see his time-lapsed work from start to finish in the video below.

Patrick vale

Patrick vale

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