Vintage Photos Were Turned Into Modern Superheroes, And It’s Strangely Epic.

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Vintage photographs are cool to look at and enjoy -- in fact, many people even collect them from places like flea markets and thrift stores, filling their walls with vintage portraits of people they don't know. Yes, they are that neat to look at. But one artist figured out a way to make them even cooler, not to mention bring them into the modern era (and even the future).

His name is Alex Gross, and he paints over old photographs from the 1870's, completely transforming them into recognizable superheroes with a vintage edge, as well as iconic people from pop culture. He calls it his "Heroes" series, and the seamless way he takes these old photographs into new territory is absolutely amazing. From Superwoman to Marge Simpson to an entire family of masked avengers, there's no painting challenge that Alex Gross won't take on to create his work. See some examples of these vintage heroes below.

Alex Gross