Watch Their Reaction When They Try On The Motorbike’s Virtual Reality Goggles.

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Have you ever wanted to cruise the open highway on your very own motorcycle, but stopped yourself from purchasing because you were just a little bit too worried about how dangerous it might be?

Well, thanks to Victory Motorcycles, you can now have the total boss-hog experience without any of the risk.

In the first ever virtual ride experience created by a motorcycle brand, Victory Motorcycles debuted its awesome ride simulator at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Chicago last February. Lucky riders were able to sit on top of an actual Victory motorcycle and given goggles that replicated a ride on a totally open highway.

Watching the ride is just as fun as watching the riders face when they're on the simulator, which leads us to guess that many of these people thought seriously about purchasing the real thing.

How about you? Would you purchase a Victory bike, or stick to the virtual version?

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