24 Hauntingly Beautiful Photos Of Mountains That Will Give You Wanderlust.

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Cerro Standhardt, Argentina

The Earth is full of beautiful places and people, but Mother Nature did an awesome job at creating herself one amazing body made of mountains, rocky monoliths, and rock face cliffhangers that are bound to make any travel eager to explore. Whether it's about taking a selfie in an icy or rocky mountain peak or scaling one of the various geological wonders of the world, people can't get enough of these places. Some go to snowboard, while others just go there to bask in what Mother Nature created, from the tip of the mountain all across the rocky terrain, right down to the ridges and crevices. So here are 24 of the most epic mountains around the world.

Cerro Standhart is a region disputed by Argentina and Chile. At an elevation of 8,809 feet, it's surrounded by three other mountains that include Punta Herron, Torre Egger, and Cerro Torre. But reaching the summit is difficult given the constant strong winds. If you make it you'll see mushrooms of rime ice.