The Top Ten Wealthiest Presidents Of The United States.

Donald Trump: $3.7 billion

In 2016, there were reports that Donald Trump was set to become the richest U.S. president in history. And in 2017, he was finally able to top that list thanks to his various real estate businesses, property holdings, his production company “Trump Productions LLC,” and a myriad of other businesses. He even maintains an ownership stake at Wollman Rink Operations, the uber-popular Central Park ice skating rink which certainly helped increase his net worth. At $3.7 billion, President Trump is one wealthy president. The annual salary of a US president is $400,000, which is a little less than what most corporate CEOs make. But who are the most prominent presidents topping this list? And most importantly, how do you calculate the wealth of every living former president? Well, in 24/7 Wall St. made some calculations and analyzed the wealth of former U.S. presidents based on historical sources. They came up with these figures which are adjusted for inflation to December 2017 levels.

Not every president on this list started out wealthy, but current president, Donald Trump was born in an affluent family. His father, the late Fred Trump, made a fortune thanks to his real estate endeavors, building middle-class housing for union workers in New York. In 1971, his son, Donald Trump, followed in his footsteps and took over his father's company. In 2017, he became the richest president in US history thanks to his numerous real estate, branded businesses, and golf courses all over the world.