12 Bizarre Weight-Loss Methods From The Past.

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When you ingest a tapeworm, your body won't get the necessary nutrients, and you won't gain weight.

Losing weight is easier said than done, which is funny because at the same time, it's the easiest thing to do. You just eat healthy and stay active and you're set for life, (unless you have an underlying condition that forbids you from losing the extra pounds)

But a lot of people crave food that doesn't necessarily help their cause when they're trying to lose weight. And this isn't exactly a problem that only recently popped up. People have been looking for ways to lose weight throughout history, and if you thought that today's methods are bordering on the edge of extreme, wait until you read about the unsettling ways people tried to lose a few pounds in the past. In most cases, the side effects were painful, and in others, it was fatal.

It's rumored that in Victorian times, people ate tapeworm eggs for weight loss. Once the parasites grew to adulthood, these folks would notice a dramatic drop in weight. But eventually, a doctor would have to ram a metal instrument down their throat to get the darn thing out. Patients also developed dementia, epilepsy, and abdominal distress.