He Bought A 1969 Cadillac, What He Turns It Into… My Mind Is Buzzing With Ideas.


This Cadillac may have been good in its day, but it was now dunzo... or was it?

In 1996, two engineers by the name of Phil Weicker and Duncan Forrester attempted to turn an '82 Chevy Malibu into a hot tub car. They failed, but they weren't ready to give up so easily. So in 2008, they tried again. This time, they chose a 1969 Cadillac DeVille mainly because of the classy platform and the huge trunk space which would become essential in the inner workings of this "Carpool". Their goal was ambitious. After all, they had to turn this massive vehicle, which was built for size and power, into a mobile hot tub that would likely never hit its original top speed. Were they able to do it? Start reading and find out.

The tow truck wasn't here to tow it to a junkyard. It was going to tow it into Duncan and Phil's garage for a major hot tub makeover.

The World's Fastest Hot Tub