13 True Stories Of People Who Have A Ton Of Good Luck.

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In 1985, Christine Tallady gave her son up for adoption because she wasn't ready to be a single mom.

Some people don't believe in luck. They feel that any good fortune that comes out of the blue is sheer coincidence. But these folks don't feel that way, at least not after their experiences. Maybe they had a horseshoe or a four-leaf clover tucked into one of their pockets. Whatever the case may be, these folks had a TON of luck.

We all try to do our best to make our day the best one possible, but that doesn't always work. But when luck comes knocking on our door, we never complain. So, check out this incredible collection of stories. It totally proves that sometimes, all it takes is a single moment to potentially change your entire life.

In 2007, she got a call from the adoption agency letting her know that her son wanted to meet her. Well, it turns out that her son was a lot closer than she imagined. 22-year-old Steve Flaig worked at the same Lowe's store in Michigan that she did.