Forget Mr Grey. THIS Is Love… When I Saw The Special Chair I Started To Cry.

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When you're young, it's easy to choose a romantic partner based on their looks, or how much money they make, or how many jokes they can tell over dinner. Being young is all about having fun, and choosing partners that help you have the most fun possible makes sense.

As you get older and the fun times start to turn into practical aspects of life (and you get a little less inclined to look sexy and party all night), being in a relationship starts to mean something different. And then, you need someone that you can depend on to be on your side, no matter what.

Bill & Glad are a perfect example of this. After being together for 50 years, these two are committed to each other, despite the fact that it's not always easy. They're story is inspiring, and asks an interesting question: After all these years, what is love?


Next, this couple, married 87 years, reveals their secrets for a successful marriage.

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