15 Photos Where You’ll Never Understand What They Were Thinking.


Everyone has a "blonde moment" now and then, especially when we get behind the wheel.

If you thought you were the only one in the world who made stupid mistakes from time to time, guess again. Everyone has a slow moment at some point in their lives. In this insane world of ours, every decision we make can either make our lives better or totally ruin it...possibly forever.

So when you look at these hilariously poor decisions, you'll probably tell yourselves, "there has to be some kind of rational explanation for this." But there's an awfully good chance that there isn't. We all have moments when all sense of logic and reason go out the proverbial window. But the only thing that can make those brain farts even more embarrassing is when there are actual witnesses present. Ouch! Check out this head-scratching list and prepare to laugh your funny bone...and feel a little guilty about it.

This parking lot is virtually empty, except for maybe two cars, but somehow, this ditzy driver managed to crash their car into the nearest lamp post. The odds of this happening are... what? A million to one?

UPS delivery drivers are supposed to offer their customers an all-around friendly service.

This driver must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe he was feeling disgruntled or mischievous. How else do you explain why they seemed to have intentionally trapped someone in their own apartment?

Look at how this pick-up truck driver tied his quad to the wheels. Are you cringing yet?

Admit it, a part of you is excited to see what happens next. Too bad there isn't an "after" photo.

When you're stuck in traffic, you should learn to be patient and wait it out, or you could end up like this.

This driver had gotten so impatient. Maybe they were late for work or maybe they were late to their daughter's recital. Either way, they went from being stuck in traffic to being stuck in cement. Way to go, genius!

This person wanted to cook some rice using the rice cooker, but they didn't know how to use it properly.

They placed the machine on top of one of the stove burners and this was the end result. They ended up burning the bottom of the machine. It's pretty useless now. It's also a safe bet that the back burner on the stove won't be any good either.

Is your car bigger on the inside than on the outside? No? Then why would you do something like this?

It's such a tiny car! Still, these ladies tried sticking that huge box in the trunk. Obviously, they failed because it didn't fit. Maybe they're waiting for someone to help them tie it to the roof of the car.

This guy's girlfriend couldn't figure out how to set up the Apple TV he bought for her.

It's a good thing that she's just his girlfriend and not his wife. I'd think twice about marrying this one! All kidding aside, tell me you see the irony here. She's going to college for brain and behavioral neuroscience, but she's just proven that even smart people have trouble figuring out how technology works.

There's a right way and a wrong way to put soap in a washing machine. Guess which one this is.

They say that too much of a good thing is bad, and in this case, it is. They added so much soap to their washing machine that the end result was this massive wave of foam spewing out of the front door. The neighbors must have loved this.

This lady had a flat tire, but she didn't have a spare, so she decided to MacGyver the heck out of it.

She grabbed a fire extinguisher to fill her tire up. That's so dangerous for so many reasons. But one can't help but wonder why anyone puts warning labels on those extinguishers if people aren't even going to take their time to read them.

Good thinking! If you attach the keys to a lock this way, you won't have to worry about losing them.

There's just one little problem with this scenario. Can you tell what it is? Give up? Well, you need the key to unlock the lock, but you need to unlock the lock in order to get the keys... uh... it's such a brain teaser.

If you believe it will fit, then it will. Come on dude! Just pivot the darn thing and keep pushing.

At some point, this guy will realize that this isn't going to work. Maybe his man bun is wound up so tightly that it cut of the blood flow to his brain. He should consider taking the roof off of his car.

Someone spotted this woman trying to get a closer look at a solar eclipse using a step ladder.

What was she trying to do, stairway herself to heaven? She should have used something a little longer than a stepladder. Maybe she couldn't see well past the tree branches. Either way, being 1.5 ft closer to the sun won't make a heck of a difference.

Everyone knows that keyboard keys can collect a lot of dust and dirt, so this guy decided to clean his.

After taking his keyboard keys apart, he started to wash them using hot water. But he wasn't prepared for the painful reality. As time went by, the plastic keys began to bend because the material was basically melting.

Here's a perfect example of why you should leave home improvement projects to the professionals.

This person set up a shelf above their fireplace, which seemed pretty sturdy at the time. Then they placed their brand new flat screen TV, and that's when their world came crashing down.

It's always a good idea to get a second or third opinion before settling on the name of a company.

The founder of this company should have hired a professional to come up with the right name. Now his drilling business is literally the butt of the joke. But hey, at least they have a reputation for completing projects safely and efficiently.