Man In London Finds Wild Fox Lounging On His Rooftop.

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Tom Bell was looking forward to spending some time outside, lounging in the sun.

One of the best things about living in the country is being able to interact with wildlife. It's not an unusual occurrence to see a deer drinking out of a stream, or some rabbits helping themselves to your vegetable garden. When you move to the country, you do it knowing that you'll be seeing wild animals from time to time. But what about those people that choose to live in the city? They would never except to see a wild animal come up to their home. That's why this man was completely surprised when he made a new furry friend right in his own home.

He made his way up to his rooftop oasis, only to find that he wasn't by himself. Someone, or something, was making themselves very comfortable on his blanket.

Tom Bell / Twitter

His visitor, a wild fox who hasn't given his name yet, was making himself at home on Tom's blanket.

Tom, who had never seen such a thing, decided that he could wait to use the blanket. So he allowed Mr. Fox to keep enjoying his sunset nap.

Tom Bell / Twitter

Being very careful not to wake up the sleeping fox, Tom called in his friend Steve to provide the fox with a nice calming atmosphere.

Steve began to play some music on the guitar for the fox, making sure only to play music that would soothe him if he decided to wake up.

Tom Bell / Twitter

That's when the fox decided that he should move around a little bit.

Normally, people chase him away, but these humans seemed much kinder. Mr. Fox stretched, and yawned, and thought about what his next move should be.

Tom Bell / Twitter

He didn't decide to go very far because he just turned back around and got comfortable again.

Tom didn't mind that the fox was snoozing on his rooftop, but he really did want to lounge on his blanket for a little while. So Tom decided to do something about it.

Tom Bell / Twitter

He offered Mr. Fox some food, and it worked!

The fox jumped right up and made his way to Tom's outstretched hand. He enjoyed a delicious snack, gave his thanks to Tom, and the fox began his journey to another place.

Tom Bell / Twitter

Oddly enough, the fox that visited Tom isn't the only fox that's mingling with humans!

It seems that plenty of foxes like to call the streets of London their home. During the 1930s, when humans began taking over their territory, foxes began to move into the city.

They're known as urban foxes and people regularly have interactions with them.

They don't harm anyone at all. They just want to be able to enjoy a relaxing day just like anyone else!

Some of them have been seen visiting their favorite spots quite frequently!

It would not be a bad thing to have a fox come to visit you every day. What would you do if you had a foxy friend sleeping in your garden?

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