Willow Smith Is All Grown Up, Look What She’s Doing Today.

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Willow Smith has literally grown up in front of the camera.

It's often been said that it's hard growing up as the children of famous celebrities. Despite being raised with privileges like attending top schools, luxury homes, brand name clothing, fantasy vacations, and playdates with offsprings of other A-listers, these kids often times feel isolated.

Soccer superstar David Beckham revealed how his son Brooklyn wants his dad to park around the corner when picking him up from school, while Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, reportedly shudders at some of the fashion choices her mother makes. It's no wonder many of these kids work hard to separate themselves from their famous parents, often choosing opposing careers.

Other children use their parents' fame to help them catapult their own careers.

Her parents are famous rapper turned actor Will Smith and actor Jada Pinkett-Smith.