Cheeky Squirrel Teases An Over-Eager Dog In A Hilarious Tree Game.

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The relationship between the dog and the squirrel is traditionally a tempestuous one, a cat-and-mouse game, only this time, with a canine and a rodent. It's not an uncommon sight to see a dog run off of its leash and bound after a squirrel, never quite reaching it but trying his best nonetheless.

Usually, we're rooting for the dog in that situation (it's hard to see them fail time and time again). Then again, we've never seen a squirrel so clever -- this time, we're voting for him.

In the video below, one red squirrel makes a dog's life a living hell, and it's definitely fun to watch. Going around and around in circles, one clearly outsmarts the other time and time again. The only questions we have now is: How long will this go on until one of them gets tired?

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