Wife Goes On A Hilariously Sad Honeymoon ALONE After Husband Is Denied A Visa.

This is Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever Bhatt. The adventurous couple were supposed to take a honeymoon with Bhatt's parents for 10 days, visiting Greece.

It's every newlywed's dream come true: You get married to the person that you love, and you start your life together with a dream vacation abroad. For this couple, that dream vacation meant traveling from Pakistan to Greece -- sure, the groom's family might have been tagging along, but what the honeymoon lacked in convention it would surely make up for in fun times had by all. That is, of course, until the unthinkable happened: The groom didn't get approved for a visa in time, so the wife (and his family) had to make the choice on whether or not to go without him.

Huma Mobin decided to do it, and in order to let him know how much he was missed, she started taking conventional newlywed honeymoon photos -- with one crucial element missing from the scene. Her hilarious images have gone viral, and despite the bad news, everyone in this story comes out with a smile. Read more about them below.