The Position Of ‘Chief Wombat Cuddler’ Is Now Accepting Applications…

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Rescuers decided to hold a competition to place someone in the temporary position, and it could be you.

Sure, you might love your job and thank your lucky stars that every day, you get to go and do something that you're passionate about. But no matter how awesome your job is, we promise that it's not nearly as awesome as this job.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to our attention that you may now apply to the full-time position of wombat cuddler.

That's right: WOMBAT CUDDLER.

Flinders Island in North-East of Tasmania, is looking for someone to cuddle a baby wombat whose mother was hit by a car. After being rescued from her pouch, this little guy is all alone and in serious need of affection.

Sean Scott Photography

The lucky winner will be flown to Tasmania for three days.

Wong Caleb

But more importantly, the winner will have the chance to cuddle this guy.

Sean Scott Photography

Just look at that face: He needs all the cuddles.


Even better: If you win, you get to bring a friend.

Sean Scott Photography

**Australia residents: If all the photo cuteness wasn't enough to convince you to apply for this competition, check out the video below. Then, learn how to enter [here][1]. For the rest of us: Well, we can just watch this video over and over and pretend we're wombat cuddlers.** [1]:

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