20 Funny Examples That Show How Different Men And Women Are.


Her man came to cheer her up while she was giving birth.

It's quite clear that men and women see the world in entirely different ways. Now, sometimes this can be the cause of infinite frustration and countless arguments, but it can also be the source of memorable laughter. Keep scrolling to see some great examples of how different men and women are and the hilarious reasons why we keep each other around.

But at least he can say he was there and he never left the room.


“My wife asked me what color I liked the most.”

If this ever happens to you just pause a few moments to appear as if you are really trying to make a decision then chose any one of them. You can't go wrong.


“My girlfriend asked what the ’no’ on this switch meant.”

If that's not a facepalm moment I don't know what is.


“I asked my bf to grab lettuce on his way home.”

Unfortunately, this man bought some cabbage. Instead of a nice head of lettuce to use for her salad, she'll have to make some coleslaw with that head of cabbage.


"When you finally understand how to use your girlfriend’s stuff."

Instead of being clueless, this guy chose to be innovative with his girlfriend's belongings. Honestly, who doesn't need an ice cream cone holder in their bathroom?


“The cat likes this keyboard and my boyfriend came up with a solution.”

For some reason, cats love to sit right on top of your laptop while you're working. While this woman was satisfied with just shooing her cat away, her fella got a little creative.


“My boyfriend put this up on his fridge last April. I left him a note.”

It's really nice when a man wants to help organize things around the house. Unfortunately, some men need step-by-step instructions. Luckily, this girlfriend left a little clue instead of judging him.


“I guess my boyfriend didn’t quite understand when I said he should be the penguin.”

Halloween is a great time for families to do something together, especially if everyone's interested in dressing up. This mom thought it would be a great idea to go as the villains from Batman, but clearly, her fella was a bit confused.


“My girlfriend just sent me this image and asked if this was an HDMI cable.”

Girl, either you need to pay more attention to your surroundings or you need to have a babysitter to make sure you don't get yourself hurt.


Okay, we're not really sure how this man confused a thermometer for a pregnancy test.

It's clear that he hasn't had a child before, that's for sure. Better not leave any water testing strips around or he might think you're having triplets.

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“I’m trying to teach my girlfriend how the thermostat works.”

For some reason, it's difficult for people to grasp the concept of the household thermostat. Luckily, this man broke it down into the simplest format possible for his girlfriend. Keep cranking that dial and you won't be getting anything for Christmas.


“I’m not sure if my wife understands what freezer bags are for.”

When this husband couldn't find the freezer bags he asked his wife to buy, he figured that she had just forgotten them. Maybe she wanted them to be nice and cold?


“The ’my wife/girlfriend made me go to the mall' support group is underway.”

Which is why they have support groups for men at every single shopping mall. "Hello, I'm Randy and my wife is a shopaholic."


“When you leave your husband alone with the garden decor.”

But don't you dare leave them alone with the garden ornaments, or you could end up with something like this.


“We needed a HEPA filter in our bedroom. She picked it out and set it up. She said that she didn’t think it worked. I decided to change the filter 6 months later...I blame myself.”

You wouldn't think that someone would need to be told to pull the plastic off of the air filter, but hey, some people are a bit more special than others.


“I spent the whole afternoon installing this. My wife, ladies and gentlemen.”

Clearly, she doesn't understand the outlet that she's working with. But I'm sure that hubby explained it to her.


“My girlfriend uses a timer to wake up instead of an alarm.”

Poor girl. Hopefully, the boyfriend taught her how to set her alarm properly.


"His girlfriend told him that she had no room anymore in her wardrobe because of all his stuff. But it seems he only has shoes in there."

Honestly, he should have expected it. At least he didn't have too many pairs of shoes or their relationship could have taken a turn for the worse.


“Look at the way my wife leaves the eggshells in the carton instead of throwing them into the trash.”

Well, at least she keeps them in the carton and not all over the countertop.


“My girlfriend says that I own too many video games. I sent her this.”

It's true that women use way more beauty products than men. But we'd have to see his video game collection before we disagree with her.