He Turns Old Tree Trunks Into Some Of The World’s Most Sought After Art… WOW.

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The sculptor uses discarded wood trunks and branches.

Sometimes, the best artists are those who can take everyday materials and create things that are completely original. Take, for instance, art and furniture made out of wood. Almost everyone has something crafted from wood. But South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee takes wood creations to a whole new level with his edgy yet elegant pieces.

Using discarded tree trunks and branches, Lee manipulates them to become original works of art by combining and transforming natural materials into perfect columns, spheres, cones, and donut shapes. Lee even builds stunning furniture pieces like chairs that resemble bean bags yet are sanded and polished meticulously. And they look genuinely comfy.

“I believe you can get more of a ‘wow’effect’ when you create a striking piece from everyday common materials,” Lee says. The great thing about Lee’s very interesting work is that his pieces compliment any area and any decor.

Jae-Hyo Lee